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Meet Team Sproutstranauts:

SHINE 2019/2020 


From Left to Right: Kavinya, Elliot, Kyi, Anton, Rebecca, Aaron, Teagan, Jeremy, Tharumi, Chris, Sera, and Trevor

Team Leader

Hello, my name is Teagan Hayward and I am very thrilled to be the Leader of this Experiment.

I wanted to participate in the SHINE project because I have always been fascinated by space, especially technological innovations regarding space exploration. This possibility to create and conduct an experiment within the unique microgravity environment was a very exciting prospect for me as it is a very rare opportunity.

Fun Fact: I have been to the CERN facility in Geneva, that houses the largest particle accelerator in the world.

Team Co-leader

Hi, I am Tharumi Meegahapola and it is amazing to be the Co-Team Leader for the SHINE 2020 project.

I joined this project because science and astronomy have always been a fascination for me and this was an opportunity to further explore my passion for this field of STEM.

Fun Fact: I am very much a dog lover and have a little labradoodle of my own, Kiki.

Head of Experiment

Hey! I’m Kavinya Dissanayake and I’m really excited to be the Head of Experiment for the SHINE Project.

I’ve always been really keen and intersested about science and learning about space. The SHINE project has been an incredible opportunity to get some great hands on experience as well as learn more about the world around us.

Fun Fact: I am an avid model plane collector and have over a hundred in my collection, with all types from all across the world.

Head of Design

Hi! I am Anton Kogios and this year I was Head of Engineering in the SHINE team.

I wanted to participate in the SHINE project in order to expand my experience of real-world applications of science and experimentation. This project, besides marking the beginning of my contribution to space research, allowed me to make the most of the opportunities presented to me.

Fun fact: A piece of my hair has been to space (thanks to this project!).

Head of Science

Hi, my name is Jeremy Nielsen and I was head of science for this year’s project.

I joined SHINE to gain experience in designing a project as a team, and to learn the process of manufacturing and submitting an experiment to NASA.

Fun Fact: I love biology

Head of Programming

Hi! I am Aaron Leng and I really enjoyed my time as the head of electrical engineering for this project.

I relished the intensive discussion with them to acquire and integrate experience and expertise, and thrived on the creativity entailed in solving complex technical challenges. As a person who always enjoys understanding the sophisticated logistics behind a project, I won’t forget the rigorous procedures and well-organised planning of the experiment.

Fun Fact: I love learning new things, like soldering! Which we did a lot of during the Project.


Student Mentors

Sera Rauhut               PhD Candidate Astrophysics
Trevor McKnight                       3rd Physics Student 

Senior Mentor

Elliot Henkel
Swinburne University

Program Coordinators

Dr Rebecca Allen
Swinburne University
Dr Kyi Muller, SHINE
Dr Kyi Muller
Haileybury College
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