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Molecules Bio
Molecules Bio

Co-Team Leader

Hi! I am James Shill and I am really excited to be the Co-Team Leader for this project. 

Space has always intrigued and attracted mankind, but it has never been more exciting than it is now. Both as a science and an industry, we are witnessing the beginning of a world-changing revolution. 

Fun Fact: I play beach volleyball

James Shill, MicroCavity

Team Leader

Hey there! My name is Michelle Doan and I am super excited to be Team leader for the project. 

Being able to create our own experiments and engage with things that I’m passionate about in a systematic and scientific manner is truly an amazing opportunity. I look forward to designing and conducting our own project in the interest of space.  

Fun fact: I absolutely adore Amy Winehouse. 


Meet Team MicroCavity:

SHINE 2018/2019 

Head of Experiment

Hi! I am Katya Gvozdenko and I am looking forward to being the Head of Experiment. 

I am passionate about science and discovering new things. This project fascinates me, particularly because we are now on the frontier of prolonged trips to space, and to be able to contribute to such research is incredible. 

Fun Fact: I enjoy public speaking and playing the piano 

Chief Designer

I am Desmond Chau and I am also the Chief Designer for this project. 

I have always had a strong liking towards science, so I decided to take this opportunity to further develop my experience in the field. 


Fun Fact: I love listening to The Weekend and Travis Scott. 

Molecules Bio

Chief of Science and Research

Hey! I’m Seniru Mudannayake and I’m looking forward to being the Head of Science and Research for this project. 

I really love details – whether it be trawling through reports for research purposes or writing analyses of scientific data. I’m also passionate about using science to make lives of ordinary people better. 

Fun Fact: I love reading speeches, manifestos and pamphlets from turbulent periods of history like the Great Depression. 

Chief Programmer

Hey, my name is Reah Shetty and I’m the Head of Programming. 

I am interested in STEM & this is such a unique experience and opportunity. 

Fun Fact: I watch anime 

Katya Gvozdenko, SHINE, MicroCavity
Desmond Chau, SHINE, MicroCavity
Reah Shetty, SHINE, MicroCavity
Seniru Mudannayake, SHINE, MicroCavity
Molecules Bio
Molecules Bio

Our Uni Mentors

Mentor for Design

Hey, my name is Jeremy and I am fourth year (honours) Electronics and Computer Systems Engineer studying at Swinburne.

Mentor for Leadership

Hello, I'm Junaid. I am a final year ​Electrical and Electronic engineering student at Swinburne.

Mentor for Programming

Hi there, my name is Charlie and I'm ​a first year associate studying Engineering Practise (honours) at Swinburne.

Senior Mentors

Dr Rebecca Allen, SHINE
Eddie Brelsford, SHINE
Prof Virginia Kilborn, SHINE
Dr Kyi Muller, SHINE
Dr Rebecca Allen
Swinburne University
Eddie Brelsford 
Swinburne University
Prof Virginia Kilborn
Swinburne University
Dr Kyi Muller
Haileybury College
IMG_0593 (1).JPG

Mentor for Science

Hey I'm Sara Webb, a PhD candidate at Swinburne University. When I'm not helping the SHINE team, I search the sky for exploding stars!

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